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My name is Edith. I am a recent Bsc Sociology graduate and a continuing Msc student on Glasgow University’s Information Management and Preservation course (yes, that’s a mouth full!). When being asked to write a few lines about myself for our IMP student group blog, I felt a bit uneasy about the prospect of doing so… As a student of Archives and Records I love writing about and delving in to the lives of others – but I have not blogged a single line about myself since DiaryLand was all the rage in the early 2000’s. I tried recovering my journal from this time for inspiration (and mortification) – but it sadly seems lost in cyberspace. From what I can gather, our task will be to attempt to archive this blog so that it will not suffer the same faith. The development of archival practices for digital material is one of the areas which I look forward to learning more about this year (and to discuss in this blog). Though I must admit that when I began my university career I had very little awareness of these issues.

During the majority of my Undergraduate degree I had not considered archives and records as a potential field for me. My determination to work towards a career in archives was first sparked by a research internship. The internship was organised by Glasgow University Archive Services in the spring of 2013. Using the Archive Service’s records opened my eyes to the great variety of work which archive professionals undertake. It further made me aware of ongoing discussions on how to make archives more accessible to users. Although I had previously used archival material for research, it was this particular experience with GUAS – and the professional ethos of archive professionals which I witnessed during this time – which made me determined to pursue a career in the field.

As a result I have spent the last year volunteering with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. At the RCPSG I have learnt about digitalisation, online accessibility and of common conservational issues. As medical history and policy was my main area of interest in my Bsc, this has been a real treat. Alongside this work, I partook in a heritage project with the Young Women’s Christians Association of Glasgow. This resulted in an exhibition celebrating the YWCAoG’s 140th birthday. The project also gave me my first experience of cataloguing. I am currently continuing my volunteer placement with RCPSG and I look forward to gaining more hands on experience in the coming year.

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