Hello Fellow IMPs,

Well as I declared at the session on Thursday, I’m not wildly keen on blogs, so the idea of writing abut myself and contributing to this blog fills me with an element of dread.

However I also know that skills involving Social Media and Blogs are almost routinely asked for in job profiles these days, so regardless of my personal feelings, I can see the value of this exercise and will be a willing participant. Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind!  So here goes…

My background is mainly in academic libraries, and film & video archives. I’ve had 10 years experience in various Higher and Further Education Libraries in Ireland, England and Scotland, in the role of Library Assistant, and 8 years with the Information & Archives department of the BBC and BBC Scotland as a Preservation Cataloguer, then as Librarian and finally as an Archive Media Manager.

In between the work, I completed a part-time BA Hons in Information Management & Library Studies at Brighton University. Brighton is a great place to live and study. I also worked in a pub there while studying, and if you get the opportunity to do so I would recommend it as a confidence building exercise, really!

I loved working with moving images and would love to continue to do so in the future. However part of the reason for taking this course is to broaden my outlook and learn more about the record keeping and business archive world generally.

I know this 9 months (I’m only doing the Post-Grad Diploma) is going to fly, so I’m planning to get as much as I can from it, before hitting that job market again (eeek). See you in class!



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