As a part-time student I’ve already completed my first year of the IMP MSc and I am excited to be getting back to work. Whilst I’m not terribly keen on blogging it’s clear that social media is playing a huge role in the workplace today so I am happy that we’re being encouraged to gain the relevant skills for our future careers.

After graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a degree in History MA (Hons) it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do next. I was drawn to archivism out of a love for stroking old books, the smell of musty old papers, and a strong desire to know what vellum tastes like; and after working in the archive at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) for a year I was hooked! I continued to get experience working at the Lothian Health Service Archive (LHSA) and after spending the year there I felt happy to commit to the profession and began the IMP course at Glasgow. As a part-time student my first year finished at the end of March so I used the massive summer break to get back into the archive, keen to put some of the theory I’d learned on the course into practice. I was pleased to gain a placement with the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) working in their Library and Archive, where I spent a very enjoyable few months working amongst the agricultural records and spiders in Ingliston House.

These placements have all been great in allowing me to gain experience in description, cataloguing, and appraisal, and also dealing with enquiries. However, it wasn’t until I started the course that I really began to consider the theory behind archives and records management. I am particularly interested in the power of archives and archivists in society; the central role that archivists can play in deciding what is remembered and what is forgotten; and the importance in ensuring that archives are open and accessible to all members of society. I hope to expand on these subject areas in my dissertation when I eventually settle on a topic!

Despite a few back to school worries I really enjoyed the course last year and I am pleased to be back 🙂



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