I’m Kate. I have worked for nearly thirty years in primary education, both as a teacher and manager. I genuinely enjoyed my work, but felt it was time for a change.

I was delighted to discover this course as it ticked all the boxes of the things I enjoy. I am a passionate family historian. I’ve been a hunter gatherer of historical records relating to my family and others for almost 40 years, in the UK and across the globe. I have experienced the huge changes in record availability and delivery as computers and the internet have become more commonly used. In the 80’s when my husband was on business in Quebec, I persuaded him to seek out a church vault and transcribe a marriage record which I can now access with the click of a mouse. Constructing a family tree has become popular and simple, but for me setting the context for people’s statutory events is fascinating. Access to good cataloguing makes it easier to enrich my understanding of our ancestors’ lives.

I really enjoy IT and in my older-person way am a bit geeky about technology. I admit I am not the most avid social net-worker, but there is still time!

When my school developed and launched its website I worked with a wonderfully creative team to design the template from scratch. We published children’s work, school information and organised the huge and ever evolving accumulation of digital items. Naming conventions and file systems established early on lasted the life of the website.

As part of my management remit in school I was responsible for regularly updating the ‘what’s new’ section on the site; this operated as a fledgling blog that parents used to interact with the school and built links across the school community and beyond. Interestingly, from my current perspective, we felt it necessary for the site to have an archive section that contained children’s work.

As a teacher and manager good record keeping has been essential throughout my career. I established uncomplicated ways to save and store resources and information, both physically and digitally. Working in an eco-school I took my role as a recycler very seriously and disposed of the mountain of defunct paper following my professional appraisal. This was very, very satisfying.

I love good order. To me the overarching learning outcome of this course is to enable me to create order from chaos or disarray, and that sounds great!


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