Selection and Appraisal –

Within the traditional criteria for appraisal we decided that this site has no administrative, legal, or fiscal value. There is some evidential, informational, and/or research value, in so much as the site could be used to show literary trends in a  particular genre and readership group. It could also be used as an example of how books are promoted online at this time. Researchers into social history or marketing could get data from this site. The site has very good up to date links to social media, Amazon (for purchasing featured books) and a blog to promote engagement and interaction. The intrinsic value of the site is that it is a good example of of communication within a special interest group. However it is hard to decide how COMMERCIAL this site is. Money is being made somewhere!

Using the The Data Alliance for Social Sciences (DataPASS) guidelines for social science data we reached similar conclusions. The cost considerations for long-term maintenance of the data is something we considered regarding keeping the look and function of the site. We concluded that the entirety should be saved as it would be detrimental to the user experience to loose any of it. The whole site doesn’t appear very big but it has a lot of images so this might have an impact on storage costs, and maintenance of the links could be problematic.

The only issue which is not addressed by either criteria is that of AFFECTION. It should be considered as part of the appraisal process as the community involved may love it and want to re-live their memories. 😉 ❤


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