Metadata – it’s the very berries!

18th February catch up – In the lab today we had a look at metadata in context. The exercise involved checking out what kind of metadata you could find from a range of file formats using – right click properties and There were a few glitches to start with but once we got exploring it became very interesting. My particular favourite was the Eiffel Tower picture. We opened this first in extractmetadata, then in exifdata, and were astonished to see the gps co-ordinates showing up on google maps as slap bang in the middle of Washington, USA.  This is very intriguing. My thoughts are, something has messed up the metadata or someone has taken a picture of a picture of the Eiffel Tower while standing in Washington. Any other ideas? Since doing this exercise I have had lots of fun at home checking out many of my own photographs. Metadata is wonderful. The more I know about it the more I understand why it is so valuable, but ‘how much’ does need to be weighed against the time and money involved in generating it in an archive.  The Dublin Core/Premis elements which relate to ‘rights’ particularly interest me as I wrestle with the complexities of Copyright Law, Data Protection and FOI.Washington


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