MCPDM Week 9 – Revision

So we’ve come to Week 9 of MCPDM and classes will soon be over!

In the afternoon Yunhyong asked us what we thought we had learnt about digital preservation over the last few months. I initially could not think of a thing, but after 20 minutes of “automatic writing” on post-it notes it turned out that we actually knew quite a bit. Not only that, after comparing our post-its to the OAIS model it seems like we are subconscious experts on that as well!!

The only, and quite major, area my group missed out on was the actual end user. As someone mentioned at the start of this week – what is the point of preservation if you do not have access? We swore to better our ways…. Which does not stop us from enjoying our amazing post it charts all the same! They are the colours of the rainbow:


Automatic Writing


Automatic Writing put into OAIS model


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