so far so good

11th March

Looking back over the course so far I am amazed by how far I have come in my learning. I see clearly that the principles of record keeping in the physical world carry over into the digital world. It’s just a matter of learning the technical aspects – oh that and the overwhelming volume of stuff in the digital world. I suppose we tend to treasure the distance past because there is so little of it. Undoubtedly we have benefited from the generations before us who have appraised, saved and destroyed on our behalf. It is a comfort to me to know that deterioration and accidental destruction happen in the digital world. I get overwhelmed by rate and expansion of digital material, its insidious creep and leak characteristic and unstoppable ability to copy itself or be effortlessly copied. Less is more.

I really enjoyed learning about checksum and watermarking to keep a handle on the data. I am a keen supporter of selection – like evolution let the weakest go and the strong survive through adaptation to their environment (migrate) or if they are worth it provide an environment to suit (emulation).

Management, audits, policies, standards and risk assessments are my cosy comfort zones! Although some of this was quite LARGE and complicated I could follow the game plan.

Metadata, it’s wonderful, but oh could the digital world get its act together here. All my working life I have dreamed of a world where when a new thing comes to one end of the table at least two old regimes should be swiped off the other end. Looking at the range of naming conventions and thesauri makes me despair. Whatever I do someone will think it is wrong or inappropriate. 😦 On the upside I expect I will see others do the same!

Overall I have learned a great deal, although the depth varies considerably, but I have enough knowledge to recognise the signposts and know where they lead. It’s up to me to consolidate my learning appropriately to my future career.


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